Wk 16 – Art Experience – Design Thinking applied to Life

The thing you currently think you’ll be doing with your life

I think that I’ll be working in a hospital or clinic as an administration job. I would be working at a desk and hopefully build up to a better paying job from there. I am not sure specifically what I think I’ll be doing or hope that I’ll be doing, but that is my best vision for my future. I would be helping out and treating patients indirectly!

  1. Confidence: 8
  2. Resources: 10
  3. Impact: 9
  4. Satisfaction: 8

The thing you would do if the current thing disappeared tomorrow

Honestly, this question is difficult because I never had a back up plan. I don’t have a wide range or taste in various majors or careers. I wanted to become a nurse beforehand, however. I would probably achieve to be a pediatric nurse and help children. I always liked my nurses when I went to the hospital when I was a child.

  1. Confidence: 7
  2. Resources: 9
  3. Impact: 10
  4. Satisfaction: 9

The thing you would do if you were financially secure, and no one would ever laugh, go ahead, what would it be?

I wish that I can be paid to try out new dessert and food places. Basically, I would be a promoter. Social media is extremely popular nowadays, so if I can be paid to try out food then that would be amazing. If I didn’t need a career or job,  I would do nothing! I would still be happy as long as I have everything else I need in life, such as family and friends.

  1. Confidence: 9
  2. Resources: 9
  3. Impact: 8
  4. Satisfaction: 10

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