Wk 10 – Art Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning – The Wedge

*side note: this isn’t a great sketch, not very good at it

Since the wedge is a place that everyone squeezes through for a faster route, this reminded me of the time my friends and I snuck in through a gate for a concert. We did not have tickets, so we found a “faster route” to get in instead of trying to sneak in. The guard in the front of the venue went to the back of the building, and there was a gate in the front where people go out to smoke at. There was a small opening in the gate and the 7 of us, including me, snuck in the venue successfully. The wedge reminded me of this very exact moment!

In addition, what I would do to improve this area is to remove the columns that make less room for the pathway. It is better to make the space where people walk quickly through bigger as well so there are two pathways available.


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