Wk 8 – Art Activity – Finger Painting

I was excited for this activity! I bought paint from Daiso since it was cheap, and came with multiple, various colors. I didn’t have an image in mind at first, so I started using my index finger to draw the color on the paper. I started drawing random hearts. I honestly thought it would turn out nicer, but I realize I had very basic colors, instead of pastel colors. I kept going through each tube to put color and draw random things on the paper. When I got to brown, I tried to draw the poop emoji on the bottom left corner. I used black to attempt to sign my name with a heart on the bottom right. In the end, it all looked like a dark blob. I think it was harder than I expected. The experience of painting with no subject was confusing, because I feel that I would seem to paint very simple objects, such as hearts and such. I know that I’m not that good of an artist to paint much more complex images! I think that other paintings were much more smooth and flowed more than mines. It is crazy how people do 3D images with just their fingers.


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