Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Elena Roznovan

Artist: Elena Roznovan
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art Max L Gatov Gallery East
Instagram: eroznovan

About the Artist:
Elena Roznovan is a second year graduate student. She is interested in sculptures and new genres. She was an undergraduate student at Marilyn college of Art from Moldova. She started out as a painter and was always interested in art. Roznovan moved into interaction installations in her later undergraduate experience. She came to California and was inspired by light and space art and for MFA. Her alternative hobbies include writing, because it is a big part of how she thinks. She collects things and spending time outside like hiking. In addition, she wants to get a couple shows down the road for galleries.

Formal Analysis:
Her focus is video installations. She likes the idea of taking 2D moving images and making it a 3D experience. Transparencies bring images in more. She believes that work is also about time and life. Different people spend different amounts of time, some people enjoy it or are anxious. She likes the idea of paying attention and trying to notice phenomenons.

Content Analysis:
Roznovan’s meaning consisted of always “staying in the same route”. She tries to apply for residency in different parts of the state and world and work with different landscape. She wants to see how it changes the meaning of what she does. Her piece is called “Stop and Stare”. The shape of a square shaped things in her work. It is how an image gets mediated through technology, and what we get from using our screens all of the time.

Synthesis/My Experience:
I enjoyed looking through her “Stop and Stare” artwork. I liked how it was partially interactive, and I was curious and excited to see what was behind the curtains. I thought that it was beautiful to stare at and her goals in making 3D experiences. I think that art isn’t something to only look at. I think that art should be interactive and it should make you feel that you are in a different world.


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