Wk 6 – Fictional Story

Ariel Maldonado
Fired Clay
30″ x 25″
CSULB School of Art

One day, everything became fun-sized. I wasn’t sure if I became midget or if everything around became smaller. I saw colorful clay-like structures around me, including arches. Then, a clock/timer appeared above me. It started with 15 minutes. I was so confused, and became more confused when a clay ball appeared right in front of me. Then, the timer counted down from “3, 2, …. 1!” I figured that this was an obstacle and game that I had to play. I began kicking the clay ball down the field, going through every goal. There were so many that I didn’t think I was going to make it in time. I had no idea what would’ve happened to me if I didn’t make it. I was running out of breathe by the last few goals, but I made it. Then, I transferred back to another clay field. Is this how it would be like for the rest of my life…? It feels similar to how we grow up to go to school every day… dealing with the same routine over and over again, with different obstacles in life that brings us up or down.


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