Wk 5 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing


This week’s art activity was Automatic Drawing. At first, I thought that it was weird to have someone else also hold the tool with me as well and just.. draw. I didn’t really understand it at first. I borrowed two Daiso Oil Crayons from a friend, so my drawing was not colorful. We sat down, legs crossed, and held the black crayon first together. I didn’t know what to make, so we randomly scribbled the black crayon around the paper. After we were done, it looked too plain so we decided to add a neutral color to it. We used a sky blue oil crayon and added more effects to the drawing, and it ended up like this. I liked how this came out because it isn’t perfect. The shading of the blue stands out and I think this as how it relates to life. Life isn’t perfect and it’s more than just ups and downs. The blue can represent good moments that stand out, and those moments help us move forward. I liked this activity because something was in the back of my mind as a motivation to draw this piece.


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