Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Yeri Hwang

Artist: Yeri Hwang
Media: Studio Art
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Instagram: yeriyeti

About the Artist:
Yeri is from Torrance, CA, which is not that far from CSULB. She is an undergraduate student and is on her last semester of her fourth year. She wants to go to graduate school. She has always been interested in art. Her hobbies outside of art include storytelling, writing and playing video games. She wanted to become a graphic novel artist. She thought she was going to do illustrations but she came to LB to “expand her horizons”.

Formal Analysis:
She is a multi disciplinary artist. She is a studio art major. She says she “likes to dip her feet into a bit of everything”. Yeri also paints and sculpts. Her art is interactive. She explains that art should be for everyone and not just anyone with a background in art. She believes that is unfair for not everyone being able to experience a taste in art. “Everyone should write a story of their own”.

Content Analysis:
In her color wheel piece, Yeri says that it represents a progression of time. Years change and the world changes. In her broken glass piece, it is a reflection of many things. For example, it can represent our insecurities and anxieties. It is part of ourselves and it is okay to accept that. Lastly, her destination and mystery art piece tells us that we are always looking for a place to be, such as dream schools or dream jobs. There will always be other destinations and imaginary places we are looking for, but sometimes we never really reach it.

Synthesis/My Experience:
I think that her interactive art is very interesting and unique. I like how all of her art pieces represent reality. It is very influential and tells us that life has its flaws and that is okay. We are all trying to live our own lives to the fullest. As humans, we have goals, ambitions, and destinations we are trying to reach. It is normal to not be able to achieve them, because that is life.


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