Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Kelvin Lopez

Artist: Kelvin Lopez
Exhibition: scribing
Media: printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art

About the Artist:
Kelvin Lopez is from San Diego and that is where he started with his work and art. He has an Associate Degree and is working towards his Bachelors of Fine Arts here at CSULB. Kelvin is a student in the School of Art’s Printmaking program. He loves the music scene, warehouses where people hosts events, dancing, and interacting with people who “share the same energy”. His hobbies include collecting crystals and going to shows such as Coachella. He has always been interested in art, but he never had the resources like he does now. He says that when he was younger, he was initially bad at drawing. However, his motive to get better as an artist brought to where he was today. He says, “There’s opportunities you either take them or you don’t”. Lopez discovered his talent of art through experimenting and always wanting to make something. He sees a piece of work that is interesting to him, leading to his urge to make his own piece of work.

Formal Analysis:
His specialty is printmaking. It allows you to have several layers, especially with screen printing. One color is one layer. His portraits deal with his personal life. Lopez says that that is the best subject matter with art. He is environmentally friendly as well with his work. Some of his art is also about him. Printing is artistically more precise than painting.

Content Analysis:
I believe that Lopez is trying to tell his stories about his life through art. There will be experiences that lead him to wanting to make something out of important events. His portraits portray his personal life. He believes that it is the “best subject matter with art”. It helps viewers get to know the artist visually. He also says that the role in art in today’s society is to speak to the audience. He has seen art nowadays that express opinions on the current events, such as politics and world news.

Synthesis/My Experience:
It was interesting to look at Lopez’s work. It was really interesting to hear him talk about himself and his influences for art. I highly agree that making art out of one’s personal life is the best type of subject. He seems like a genuine person who loves to do what he does. I think that his art relates and influences my life as well. Since he makes his work out of things he loves, it makes me feel that that is the way I should live my life. He is making art work constantly as life goes on, and I should go on with life wherever it takes me.